Areas of Expertise:
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In addition to possessing a vast knowledge of training dogs and understanding breed traits,
P.U.P.S is extremely proud of the expertise offered in the following areas:

Aggression - P.U.P.S Dog Obedience Training welcomes all types of aggression including but not
limited to dominance, social aggression, food aggression, dog aggression and fear aggression. P.U.
P.S is referred by many vets, humane society organizations and rescues from many counties and
surrounding areas. P.U.P.S' track record of successful behavior modification and reformation of
aggressive dogs is second to none!! P.U.P.S is referred by many vets, humane society
organizations, and rescues from many Maryland counties and surrounding areas. P.U.P.S will
reform an aggressive dog while building the dog's confidence!

High Drive Working Breeds - Any dog that was bred to work in any capacity (which includes
most dogs) is considered a working breed. Working breeds possess a strong work ethic and
generally are more dominant, which they need to be suitable to do jobs they were bred to do.
Working breeds generally have a lot of adrenaline. The combination of strong work ethic,
dominance and adrenaline adds up to a "high drive" dog. An example of a high drive dog is a
Labrador Retriever who bounds about, jumping on everyone in sight, knocking down kids to lick
them or get a ball is a high drive dog. A Border Collie, fixating that mesmerizing stare and then
trying to herd everything with legs is a high drive dog. P.U.P.S specialized obedience training
channels the dog productively while still appreciating breed traits and building confidence. This
allows the dog to be a calmer dog and to transition with ease from situation to situation.

Other Program Benefits:
  • P.U.P.S program is very successful for dogs with high stress or anxiety
  • P.U.P.S program is a key to helping dogs successfully transition into a new home with new
  • P.U.P.S welcomes ALL breeds of dogs and mixes thereof!

Additional Services:
  • Supplemental private training
  • Guaranteed results or the dog comes back for FREE!
  • Breed Consultation (which breed is best for you and your family) - FREE
  • Temperament Assessments - FREE
  • Housebreaking and General Puppy info - FREE
  • Various Discounts for all shelter and rescue dogs!
copyright PUPS Dog Obedience Training Maryland D.C.
copyright PUPS Dog Obedience Training Maryland D.C.
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