P.U.P.S Philosophy on
Puppy Kindergartens

Due to popular demand, P.U.P.S is now offering a puppy package (you may also opt for
individual sessions) for puppies between the ages of 10 weeks – 18 weeks (at which time they
are ready for P.U.P.S’ basic obedience course).  This package is designed to get you moving
in the right direction and to get you started on imprinting obedience using positive
motivational techniques, establishing good manners, channeling your pup productively, and
warding off bad habits.  

We teach your entire family how to set your puppy up to succeed within your home.  We go
over how to set your house up to accommodate your pup’s needs, housebreaking, crate
training, when to have the puppy out with you, when to crate your pup so you don’t set
him/her up to fail.  We also give you guidance and direction on how to effectively and
productively socialize your pup with people and other dogs as well as teach you how to
productive play with your pup, how to introduce him/her to the vet, and other general do’s
and don’ts.  We encourage the 4 session puppy program to begin around 10 weeks if possible
when your pup is very pliable and you are the center of their universe.   

We take 1-4 puppies in a class so that the socialization can be done one on one with each
other and not as a huge group. The cost for the 4 session package is $100.00, however, you
will receive a $25.00 credit towards the Basic Obedience 8 week group course when your pup
is over 18 weeks of age. If your pup is closer to 18 weeks or you think you just need one or
two sessions, you may opt for that as well. The price per individual session instead of the
puppy package is $40.00 for the first and $30.00 for any additional sessions. While your pup
may drive you a bit crazy during this interim period prior to starting the Basic Obedience
course (which will take care of all your needs, for the rest of your dog’s life, in and around the
home in addition to providing excellent, reliable obedience),  P.U.P.S Puppy Package will
minimize problems, establish a great and fun relationship between you and your pup and
maximize success within your family not only for the puppy stage, but, for the life of the dog!  

Please ask for our schedule of puppy classes and we will email it to you!

P.U.P.S Philosophy on Puppy Kindergartens

At P.U.P.S we have one constant underlying goal and philosophy that is the cornerstone of all
our programs, that being “always set the dog up for success”.  Well, that holds true for our
philosophy on puppies 9-18 weeks old, puppy kindergartens and puppy daycares.  

P.U.P.S does not believe in ANY sort of large (more than 4) group puppy kindergarten or
puppy daycare or dog parks for a battery of reasons:

 We want the puppies to have all their immunizations and have a mature enough immune
system to be around other puppies.

 We do not believe in allowing puppies to be turned loose to play in an adrenaline filled,
unbridled manner with more than one other puppy at a time.  When there are more than 2
puppies, chances are very high that the submissive pups are being over dominated by one or
more dominant puppies which definitely creates the possibility of the submissive pup
becoming fear aggressive later in life towards other dogs (we get them all the time because
aggression and fear aggression is an area of expertise for us) and the overly dominant pups
are not benefiting by being overly dominant either.   We believe in socialization, of course, but
in a controlled manner whereby each pup is having a positive experience.  We firmly believe
that one on one socialization is the best scenario for any pup where they are playing with ONE
other pup of similar size and similar energy level and each pup is having a positive experience
which would mean that both pups are comfortable with alternating dominant and submissive
play stances with each other.    With our very small classes, the pups can pair off for play.

 Many times in the kindergarten classes/daycares, when there are more than 2 pups
interacting at a time, and one gets overly dominant, the trainers will spray the dominant pup
with a spray bottle of water, but, sadly, since the dominant pup is standing over the
submissive pup that is on his/her back, the submissive pup is getting the spray too which
exacerbates the puppy’s already bad experience and may even effect his/her perception of
people.   In essence they are getting corrected for nothing or worse for being submissive
which causes additional stress and confusion!  

 We don't feel that more than two pups running around slamming into each other does ANY
good at all to the emerging and somewhat fragile orthopedic structure of the puppies.  To
have puppies running into each other from all different angles or to have big puppies jumping
on small puppies, or to have more than one puppy jumping on one puppy can result in injury
and/or cause permanent problems with the development of the hips, knees, spine or elbows.

5.  We also believe your pup should be able to be attentive to you while doing puppy classes.  
With more than a few pups and people present, it can be too stimulating and distracting and
not conducive to learning to interact with you or learning the lesson at hand.   

 The daycare environment can also greatly hinder the puppy’s housebreaking progress at
home.  Again, from the puppy’s perspective, if stopping in the middle of play and peeing or
pooping is okay all day inside a facility, then why not do the same at home?  

  Lastly, regarding daycares.  Running around all day with other puppies can wreak havoc
on the puppy’s understanding of what is expected of him/her when at home with humans.     It
can make it harder for the puppy to calm down around humans and learn how to be channeled
into the home environment.  After all, from a puppy’s perspective, if running and biting and
jumping is okay all day long, then why not when they get home?  If by chance they are not
running around, but, rather lying around bored, then, we’d prefer they be lying around bored
in a crate where they are safe and either you or a trusted pet sitter can take them out regularly
to assure housebreaking is being taught properly and have some productive human contact
with them. After all, if you work full time, getting a young puppy is probably not the best
choice for you or the puppy!   

Again, we need to stress that we believe in socialization for your puppy with people and dogs,
we just want it done is a manner that is most beneficial and positive for your pup!   We give
you plenty of breed specific information on how to accomplish that once we meet and assess
your pup.  We also will offer to pair up your pup with another pup in the program that we feel
would be a good match for a play session once they have their shots and then you are free to
get together with that pup again on your own time for more productive play sessions.  

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